The NHIF mini-app has been published under the M-PESA Super App by Safaricom and the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).


Customers will be able to access all NHIF services through the Super App without having to visit NHIF offices or download a separate app, thanks to the NHIF mini-app. Payment and account reconciliation are already available on the mini-app, with procedure approvals to follow soon.

“All of NHIF’s procedures, including member registration and identification, claims administration, and payment systems, are currently undergoing a digital transition.” The Fund has been implementing new techniques to reduce business costs and time in line with the Universal Health Care (UHC) scale-up. By partnering with Safaricom, NHIF will be able to provide seamless services to its members and achieve our goal of expanding access to healthcare by reaching out to our clients wherever they are.Furthermore, the NHIF M-PESA Mini-App would save millions of NHIF members both money and time by lowering the administrative costs of having to supply services physically,” said Dr. Peter Kamunyo, NHIF CEO.

The NHIF mini-app may be found in the M-PESA Super App’s “Discover” section and is available to all customers for free. Customers must first download the NHIF Mini-app, enter their information, and read the “Terms and Conditions” before proceeding.

“The M-PESA Mini-Apps are a crucial innovation that allows customers to perform a variety of daily jobs and errands from the comfort of their phone.” “We are excited to collaborate with NHIF on the M-PESA Mini App, which will allow millions of customers to receive health insurance services on the move, saving them time and money,” said Peter Ndegwa, CEO of Safaricom.

In June 2021, Safaricom announced the M-PESA Super App, which gives M-PESA consumers a modern, secure, and convenient method to transact.

The Super App adds new M-PESA features like transaction fingerprint and face identification, Send to Many, on-demand statements, personal transaction notes, and access to hundreds of companies via Mini-Apps.

Since its inception, the M-PESA Super app has been downloaded by over 3.8 million customers.


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