Dagoretti member of parliament Simba Arati, has expressed his regrets after a catholic church in Kisii county rejected his donations.

Arati, who attended the church service on Nov 28th, said he was not happy with how things turned out on that fateful day. Speaking to one of the Gusii people media outlets, Arati accused the church of being ungrateful.
According to Arati, he had donated a sum of three hundred thousand shillings but was shocked when the church leaders refunded only one hundred thousand shillings.

“Whatever happened that day was not right especially from the church. However, I do not understand why the leaders only returned a quarter of the amount. I remember giving cash to several church elders, which amounts to more than three hundred shillings.” He spoke.

According to our trusted sources, Arati was forcefully ejected from the church service on Nov 28th while the congregation furiously threw insults at him. According to Arati, the commotion was a result of his opponents’ evil plans. He added that he believed that the angry church members were paid by his opponents, some of whom were present during the mass, to tarnish his name and embarrass him.

“there was a commotion and the church members were shouting. When I walked in, there was a commotion going on between the church and the politicians who were present. I couldn’t figure out what was happening. When our efforts to calm the congregation down could not bear any fruits, I was requested by one of the priests to step out of the church. A portion of the congregation followed me out and asked me to address them, but I declined. That is my homeland, and I was not happy about what happened,” Arati noted.

However, Arati claimed to have made amends with the priest and the church at large after requests from the Kisii county residents.
“My coming here is out of the love I have for the Kisii people. They wanted me to come, and I have heard their call. It is not for my personal interests,” He added.


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