Egerton university main campus in njoro, in Nakuru has been closed indefinitely. This is as a result of a strike by teaching and non-teaching staff.

The strike that lasted for 7 days led to a halt in all learning activities. Some of the staff complains included what they termed as sustainable and systematic injustices and cruelty and disrespect from the employer. This led to withdrawal of services by the staff who stormed the administration block of the institution where they attempted to seek clarification and relayed their issues to the institution’s top leaders.

According to the circulating memo released by the registrar of Academic Affairs dating Friday Nov 26, the Nakuru based institution will stay closed until further notice. The administration is working to find a suitable solution for its staff to return to work.
All students present in the campus were ordered to evacuate the university’s premises by noon on Monday Nov 29th. According to a memo acquired by our media journalists, the closure of the university was as a result of decisions made by the university senate from a meeting which was held on the 25th of Nov.

“ Unfortunately we have to announce this to our students that the school has to be closed down immediately as a result the protests that have been conducted by the staff and lecturers of this university, which has led to a serious interruption in the teaching and learning sector of our school, the senate, after numerous consultations has decided that the uni will be shut effective immediately until further notice.” Part of the memo read.
Additionally, the memo also read that any significant info or changes that will be made in the university will be relayed via the social media platforms, website and any available means conveniently.

Additionally, this led to confrontation from the Egerton UASU chapter chairperson, Prof Mwaniki Ngari who accused the university for draining the university and drowning it into a financial and management crisis.

‘This university’s leadership does not accommodate different and conflicting opinions from other people. It is dictatorial and has shown a no democracy tendency. No one should have ideas that are monopolistic because this is a public institution that is not run by a single person. We encourage a fair negotiation term from the administration in order to accommodate employees’ interest.
In the recent past most public universities have been crippled due to financial issues which has led to some of them closing down.






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