The Teachers Service Commission is obligated by article 232 of the TSC Act 2012 to register all competent teachers in the country. A registration certificate with a TSC number is issued to all graduates who meet the minimum requirements for registration.

The certificate is a crucial document for a teacher’s employment and advancement in the service.
TSC Number Application Requirements
KSCE is the minimum of:
C+ degree (PLUS)
C+ Diploma (PLUS)
C certificate (PLAIN)
A secondary school teacher must have a least of a C+ in each of the two teaching subjects, in addition to the requirements listed above.
In addition, the following documents are required:-

  1. a copy of your national identification card
    A bank statement.
  2. Certificate from the KRA.
  3. A certificate of good conduct.
  4. Copies of academic and professional certifications( that have been certified).
  5. Photo (passport sized).
    Form GP69.
  6. Permits for entry and work ( for Non Kenyans).
    Note: After making a direct payment of Ksh.1,055 to the TSC account, make sure you have a bank slip (Ksh.1,000 is a non refundable TSC registration fee and Ksh.55 is bank commission charge).

The fee is paid to the National Bank of Kenya account number:01001000905001 (direct banking) or using Mpesa Pay bill number:625625, where the account number is TSC followed by the ID number, for example, TSC12345678 (no spacing).

The stated amount is for new registration; a duplicate certificate is Ksh.2,055 (Replacement).


Online TSC Registration

To obtain a TSC certificate with a TSC number, perform the steps outlined below.

Go to to access the TSC service site.
2. Fill in your ID number and surname at the bottom of the page, then click “next” to continue.
3. On the next page, you’ll be asked to fill in some basic background information.
4. After you’ve filled out all of the fields accurately, click ‘next.’
5. Fill in the educational and professional qualification areas (section C), making sure to save each record by clicking the save icon.
6. Click ‘next’ when you’re finished.
7. Upload all relevant documents in the following window, then click ‘next’ when finished (Ensure you have already scanned documents).
8. On the last window, fill in all of the required information and click Save.

NOTE: It is unethical to intentionally provide TSC with misleading information.

According to the legislation, anyone guilty of the crime faces a fine of Ksh.100,000, a 12-month prison sentence, or BOTH.

How to verify the status of your TSC number registration

  • Go to access the TSC online portal
  • Select the “Registration Status” tab from the drop-down menu.
  • Click’search’ after entering your ID/passport number.
  • Red writing will be used to indicate your registration status.

When checking registration status online, the following indicators are likely to appear:-

  • In progress means your application has been submitted but has not yet been reviewed by the registry.
  • Verified means the application has been authorized.
  • Registered means a successful candidate has been registered at this point.
  • The applicant’s TSC number will be published on the portal, and TSC will send an SMS to the applicant.
  • Reset: This indicates that there is a problem in the application that has to be fixed; the error will be indicated both in the portal and via an SMS from the commission
  • Incomplete means the application is incomplete or has not been submitted for verification.
  • Rejected: When an applicant does not fulfill the basic standards for teacher registration, he or she is rejected


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