One of the terrorists who broke out of kamiti maximum prison weeks ago has shocked Kenyans after he vows to escape once again if he gets a chance to.

Alex shikanda, alias musharafa Abdalla made the statement while having a conversation with civilians Today at the Anti-terror police unit in kahawa law courts.

He remarked that he cannot allow himself to spend the rest of his life in jail and boldly vowed to break out again if opportunity arises. He further added that the reason for his previous escape was due to the frustrations he went through while serving his 10-year jail term.

He further went ahead to claim that he would try his best to escape again since he cannot go back to an even higher jail term after fresh conviction.

The three convicts hit headlines weeks ago after they broke out of kamiti max. prison by knocking out a brick on the wall in one of the cells they were locked in. they further used blanket ropes to aid themselves in climbing down high prion walls.

Our trusted sources, revealed to our media team that the three who were to be fetched by a private vehicle from kamiti to Machakos and later to Somalia were disappointed when the vehicle failed to show up. Out of frustrations, the three were compelled to take a public vehicle to kitui where the residents recognized them and alerted the police who later arrested and took them back to Kamiti under tight security watch.

So far, investigations by the directorate of criminal activities reveal that the three paid a prison officer who was on the lookout ass the three were dislocating the brick. The prison officer is also believed to have received a significant amount of money from sources that were traced to Somalia. The directorate of criminal activities launched investigation to determine the total amount the officer received as he awaits for his case to be heard soon.

So far seven warders from kamiti maximum prison have been accused of aiding the escape of the three.




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