Starting today teachers will be trained  to become examiners.

Dates of Training
Beginning 3rd to 9th of October 2021, the training will take place in various training venues in the country

Training Fees
Shortlisted applicants will be notified on how to pay the Kshs 10,500 training cost.

The names of the qualified candidates will be added to the KNEC examiners database. Following that, KNEC will use the criteria for selecting examiners based on the needs to engage such examiners.
1.Thika High Eng pp1
2.Kiambu High Eng pp2
3.Kiambu High Chem pp3
4.Kiambu High Chem pp2
5.Alliance Girls Kisw pp1
6.Alliance Boys Kisw pp2
7.Loreto Girls Limuru Bio pp2
8.Thika High. Bio pp1
9.St. Francis Mang’u Cre pp1
10.Alliance Boys Cre pp2
11.Loreto Girls Limuru Agric Pp1
12.Kiambu High History Pp1
NB.If you were shortlisted and paid the fee but have not yet received your invitation letter, kindly carry your receipt as proof of payment and avail yourself.

KCPE EXAMINERS TRAINING 2021 Primary school teachers will be trained to be KCPE examiners in the following papers:
901/1 English Composition
902/1kiswahili Insha

Training as KCSE examiners will take place for the following papers; KCSE PAPER CODE KCSE PAPER NAME

1.101/1, 101/2 English
2.102/1, English
3.102/2 231/1, Kiswahili
4.231/2, 231/3 Biology
5.233/2, 233/3 Chemistry
6.311/1, 311/2 History and Government
7.313/1, 313/2 Christian Religious Education
8.443/1, 443/2 Agriculture

KNEC trainee examiners are chosen based on a set of general characteristics.
1. At the time of the examination, you must be a practicing teacher in the relevant subject areas.
2. Must be a member of the Teachers Service Commission and/or employed by it (TSC).
3. Have atleast a P1 KCPE examination qualification and a C (plain) at KCSE level in the subject that you’re interested in Training.
4. You must have a Diploma in Education or higher for KCSE marking
5. Have atleast three (3) years of teaching experience.
6. You must not be any type of displinary action or under Tsc interdiction.
7. His/her head of institution must recommend him/her.
8. You must no be over the age of 50.


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