Egerton University has been in the limelight lately for the wrong reasons. Teaching and learning activities were brought to a standstill after lecturers, and all the non-teaching staff went on strike.

The students who were preparing to start their end-semester exam were shocked when the lecturers who were supposed to administer and supervise the exam failed to show up.
The subordinate on the other hand, camped outside the administration block to protect what they termed as ignorance from the management.

According to the Kenya university staff union leader Ruto Kipchumba, the workers will go on with the demonstration until the institution appropriately meets their needs.

“Before the strike, we notified the administration that we were going to withdraw our services to the university if proper negotiations were not offered by today. As a result of negligence from the administration, we had to do this because we haven’t been given any response yet.” Kipchumba remarked.

The academic staff union chair, Prof Mwaniki, expressed his regret to the university for failing to meet the nationally negotiated collective bargain agreement which was provided in 2017.

“Our main concerns are not distinct to this university alone; we are asking for what was agreed by the nation in the 2017-2021 CBA report for all public universities.” Prof mwaniki said.
He added that the university intentionally ignored the agreement they had on a return-to-work formula which involved a 40% salary cut which was imposed due to the covid 19 pandemic last year.

Additionally, Kennedy Magale, the KUSU chapter treasurer, expressed his concerns and said that it was not fair that the university expected them to work without any compensation.
The university’s vice-chancellor prof Isaac kibwage, responded to the claims and accused the workers of failing to collaborate with the management. He also assured the workers that plans were underway to resolve the issues immediately.

“The government has not yet released the CBA funds to the university. The CBA was a national agreement and not a university agreement. The workers are seeking funds that the university doesn’t have. However, we are urging the workers to return to work as we find a befitting solution that will suit all the parties involved.” He added.







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