Four hundred form four students from Marand High school were sent home earlier today, December 2, 2021, indefinitely for allegedly refusing to sit for their mock exams and threatening to burn down the school.


The Director of Education in Siaya County, Mr Nelson Sifona, confirmed to local media outlet that over 400 students were sent home on Thursday morning.


“The students have showed signs of indiscipline. They were supposed to sit for their mock exams on Dec 6th but teachers had to reschedule after they student boycotted the exam. The exam date will be communicated when a suitable date is set.” he said.





Sifuna added that the students issued a series of threats of the plans they had to burn the school’s infrastructure on Teusday night.


The decision to send the boys home was made on Thursday morning after the Board of management called for an emergency meeting.Speaking to a local media outlet one of the Maranda school teachers said that the boys were asked to go home to avoid any unnecessary damages.





“We decided to take action immediately after junior students alerted the principal.The students wrote the threats on the walls of their toilets. We had to send them home to avoid any damage to the school’s property.” He explained


The school had been on the limelight lately for the wrong reasons. Two weeks ago,the school reopened after students were sent home for torching one of the school’s dormitories.


The incident led to six Maranda students getting arrested but were later set free due to lack of enough evidence for conviction.





In the recent past, a number of boarding high schools across the country have encountered loses due to students unrest,the most popular one being Buruburu girls high school where students were seen jumping out of two storey dormitory window.


As a result, a series of debates have been tabled online where some of the Kenyans want boarding schools abolished.




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