National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is Kenya’s major health insurance institution, having been established by an act of parliament in 1966. Its mission is to ensure that all Kenyans have access to high-quality, affordable health care. It also plays a key role in Kenya’s universal health coverage agenda.

Requirements for NHIF Online Registration

a copy of your national identification card
a copy of your spouse’s national identification card
Certificate of marriage
Children’s Birth Certificates (Above 6months).
NHIF code for your employer (if employed).
Photo of the applicant, spouse, and dependents in passport size.

Procedure for NHIF Registration

Enter your Identification Card number, passport number, or alien identification number.
Fill out the form completely and honestly as directed.
Insert a copy of your passport or Identification Card
Include a passport-size photo.
Please attach your marriage certificate (if married).
Select “confirm” from the drop-down menu.
N/B:If you filled out all of the fields correctly, your application will be submitted.


NOTE: If you work in the formal sector, you must be a member of the NHIF; however, if you work in the informal sector, you can apply for membership on a voluntary basis.
You will pick up your NHIF membership card from a nearby Huduma Center office when it is ready after registering and paying a non-refundable NHIF card application cost of kshs 1,500.

NHIF Payments via MPESA Paybill
To make an M-pesa payment to NHIF, follow these steps:
Enter the following as the company number: 200222.
As the Account number, provide the Contributors ID number.
(NOT the number of members)
Enter the appropriate amount.
kshs5,000, for example.
Before completing the transaction, enter your M-pesa pin and confirm the pop-up details.
Step-by-step instructions for making a monthly contribution to the NHIF Benefits Package

1.Coverage for medical expenses

Both inpatients and outpatients can benefit from the NHIF package, which includes curative and preventive treatment options.

They are as follows:-

Consultation with a physician.
Services in the laboratory.
Dental services are provided.
Dispensing and administration of drugs.
Services for radiology examinations.
Surgical services are offered.
Radiotherapy services are offered.
Physiotherapy services are offered.
Midwifery and nursing services are offered.


There’s no need to bring any cash because your agency will settle your invoices in the facility.


When possible, NHIF will fill all of your doctor’s prescriptions from the facility’s pharmacy or an accredited chemist.


Your spouse, as well as your biological and adopted children, will benefit from the insurance coverage if you pay your monthly contribution on time.

5.Age restriction

For the contributors’ dependents, there is no age limit on the insurance coverage.

The NHIF insurance plan can cover a 98-year-old grandmother’s medical expenses.


The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) has more than 5,000 recognized hospitals scattered across the country’s 47 counties.

N/B:NHIF coverage is not accepted by all private hospitals.

If you want to use your insurance coverage, go to an NHIF-accredited private hospital, such as Aga Khan Hospitals.

7.Family Planning

The insurance covers injections, implants, and any other procedure that a doctor recommends.


When calculating income tax, the total of all NHIF contributions is subtracted first.

Visit NHIF  portal via



NHIF Contact Information

Fraud email:[email protected] Phone:0800720601,(020)2723255/66,020272325 Enquiry Email:[email protected]
Official website Twitter/IG/FB: @NHIFKenya
Visit their main office in Nairobi, which is located near the Kenya National Library (maktaba kuu) on Haile Sellasie and Ragati roads.


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