Recently recruited interns by TSC (Teachers’ Service commission) are in the process of being assigned to various schools.
TSC, a commission responsible for hiring, disciplining, and firing teachers, came up with a panel to hire interns to solve the shortage of teachers across the country. In September 2021, TSC hired a total number of 1995 intern teachers. Out of this number,1038 were assigned to Primary schools while 957 posted to secondary schools.

The government of Kenya, in partnership with TSC, came up with a way of establishing a significant pool of young talents for the country’s labor market. The one-year internship program aims to provide the necessary support to teachers training institutions to maintain the quality in the training of teachers before they are introduced to the system.

The newly hired intern teachers will receive a monthly stipend of twenty thousand Kenyan shillings (20000ksh) for those in secondary schools. In comparison, those in primary schools will receive fifteen thousand Kenyan shillings (15000ksh).

Recently, the commission extended the contract termination dates of current interns, which was supposed to expire on 1st Dec. the commission intends to hire additional six thousand interns by the end of this year.

Nancy macharia, chief executive officer, TSC, encouraged graduate teachers to apply for the internship position. This program is meant to equip schools around the country with sufficient personnel to aid in the workload brought about by the covid 19 pandemic.

“The commission is taking this step to ensure that our schools across the country have enough personnel to facilitate high-quality teaching and learning.” She remarked.

“I want to thank the government for funding the program that will allow for effective running of the program. This will significantly help our schools, especially with the 100% transition program.” she added.

According to her, the commission has set aside Kenyan shillings 1.2 billion to facilitate the hiring of the interns. Due to the 100% transition, the government decided to sponsor the program. However, only two thousand interns were assigned to primary schools and four thousand to secondary schools.





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