Safaricom, a Kenyan-based mobile operator company, which is on the lead in East Africa, issued an announcement on internship opportunities set to begin in the year 2022.

Below are sets of skills required,

  1. UI Design
  2. Cyber security
  3. Data science
  4. Network infrastructur
  5. Solutions architecture
  6. Database administrations.

The program is expected to start in February next year and will run for six months in full-time terms.

Advantages for Qualified interns,

  • They will get exposure to training and mentorship programs from the company’s experienced individuals.
  • They will have an opportunity to nurture their individual skills by working closely with their different departments.
  • They will be able to acquire problem-solving skills by solving various business challenges.
  • Gain career objectives by working with experienced teams that will help in building the candidates’ dynamic environment networks.
  • Will gain the enough experience that is required in the technological market.
  • Interns will acquire detailed knowledge and information about the company’s services and products.

Minimum requirements

  • Interested candidates should either be currently enrolled (final year) or graduated between 2019 and 2021
  • They must ensure they are available full-time for the six months.
  • They must be knowledgeable in at least one of the skills mentioned above.
  • They must have a strong interest in gaining experience professionally
  • They must be eager to learn new skills and explore the corporate market.
  • They must be able to follow given instructions to the core.

The following documents are required for applications

To effectively achieve the goal of the program, the following documents are required to enable efficiency in recruitment

  • The university should provide you with t graduation cert, recommendation letter or completion letter.
  • You should be able to provide the NHIF, NSSF, KRA PIN as well as your bank account details.
  • You should have a copy of your national identification card
  • You should provide a good conduct and a clearance certificate from CRB that is 12 months old or less.


  • Once you are confident that you are qualified for the program, and that you have all the required documents, then you can go on and create your profile (candidate profile) on the Safaricom portal
  • Proceed and fill in all the required fields and upload all the required documents
  • Finally, tap on the apply tab.





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