Six members of the same family have been killed in a tragic road accident when the car they were traveling in rolled severally the road multiple times.

According to reports, the accident occurred earlier today at around 7 pm at Kwa Maji market oloitokyok Kajiado county. According to witnesses, the car, Mitsubishi lancer lost control and rolled over several times. The car, whose capacity was six persons, rolled and killed everyone on board instantly, including the driver.

The victims were rushed to oloitokyok sub-county hospital but were pronounced dead upon arrival. The six, including a mother and her two daughters, were reportedly on their way to attend a relative’s funeral when they met their demise. Their remains were taken to the hospital’s mortuary while the crashed vehicle was taken to oloitokyok police station.

In other incidents, three children raised by a single father were killed in a fire in elburgon Nakuru county. The children, one boy and two girls aged 6,5, and 4, were home alone when the accident occurred. Their father, who had gone to the market center to purchase milk, left his three kids locked in the house with a blazing jiko.

Speaking to the media, the trembling father told the media that he received a call from one of his neighbors, who notified him that his house was on fire. Efforts to rescue the kids were in vain since the fire spread rapidly.

“I had gone to the shopping center to buy milk and bread when I received a call from one of my neighbors saying that my house was on fire. I rushed back home, but to disappointment, the fire was too big to be put off by the villagers. I saw the house go down while my kids went down with it.” He explained.

Recently, according to a survey done by the National Transport and Safety Authority, there has been a significant increase in road accidents for the past two years. According to the survey, more accidents occurred in 2020, which caused more deaths than the covid 19 pandemic.

Over three thousand Kenyans have died on the road in 2021, including those killed by bodaboda accidents.
NHTSA has urged Kenyans to follow all the rules while using the road to avoid accidents, especially now that people are planning to travel county during the festive season.


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