To align with the new curriculum, the Teachers Service Commission recently revised its promotion standards.

Teachers used to be promoted entirely on the basis of their teaching experience, as well as their performance. Teachers who excelled in their teaching disciplines were promoted to a higher-paying job category or even to become headteachers or principals.
The following are the new guidelines to follow if you want to be considered for a promotion:
1.You must be a CBC-certified instructor who has completed all TSC-recommended training. must have completed the TSC refresher courses, which will be rolled out soon and aimed at boosting teacher levels of professioanlity.
TSC’s approach on teacher promotions.

TSC promotes its instructors in accordance with current service systems, such as the TSC Career Progression Guidelines (CPG) and Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs).


The Appraisal Reports (Teachers Performance and Appraisal Development TPAD) that are submitted after each term will be considered by the commission during promotion.


The Teachers Service Commission has three different methods to promote its members:
1.Promotion based on the establishment of a common cadre.
2.Promotion by way of a Teacher Proficiency Course
3.Promotion via a competitive selection process.

Even if this has been the case, the commission may nevertheless fail to advance a teacher in some cases.
Examples of these scenarios are as follows:


1.If a teacher has not completed two years from the date of the disciplinary action, he was declared guilty.
2.If a teacher has not completed one year since being granted an administrative warning.
TSC has also stated in the new guidelines that if a teacher is found guilty of breaking TSC rules and regulations, he or she would never be considered for promotion.


As a result, all teachers are urged to approach their work with the utmost professionalism and discipline to avoid any unnecessary inconveniences.


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