Members of parliament have declared withholding of KCSE certificates by head of schools illegal. The motion that was sponsored by the Molo Member of Parliament kimani kuria has barred the school principals from withholding certificates.

In his speech during the October 15th parliament sessions, he expressed regret that a lot of students from poor backgrounds are denied a fair chance to explore life outside high school since they are unable to clear fee arears.

“It is so unfortunate that many high school leavers are denied chances to take part in golden opportunities offered after high school. This includes admission to higher institutions of learning because principals withhold their certificates. Despite clear legal directives by the government, hundreds of certificates belonging to candidates are still held in schools.” He remarked

He added that a number of principals have gone against the law to punish innocent students by denying them their rights. In July 2014, the then cabinet secretary for education, Jacob Kaimenyi ordered all principals to release all the illegally held certificates. However, according to kinyajui the principals ignored the order. He then urged the government to perform its constitutional duty by protecting the students at all costs regardless of their social class.

“Constitutionally, it is the role of the government of Kenya to give any form of certificates to candidates and no one has a right to withhold them.” He added.

He then urged the ministry of education to launch an investigation across the country to determine the number of certificates that are withheld in various schools.

Many Kenyans have expressed their frustrations trying to get certificates, blaming the government for failing to take any action on the matter. According to john Kinyanjui, one of the victims, the principals are withholding these certificates with an aim of extracting money from students. He added that the principals will only release the certificates if the government is involved.









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